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A Toddler and a Baby

Online Classes

Join me and my team of professionals for prenatal and parenting classes. Available to all families  through The Nest via Zoom. 

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 Feeding & Parenting

Meet me anytime prenatal through weaning for information and support. Available to all families anywhere via a private, secure online server

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Weekly Support

Join me virtually with a group of other parents as we sift through the joys and challenges from birth through toddlerhood. Gatherings are run via The Nest

There is no one, right, best, way to parent but many  pathways  to consider.  My goal is to guide you to follow to your own parenting compass with compassion, curiosity and respect.

Listen in at Baby Talk with Katie & David to learn more about my perspectives 




Every visit comes with the same care plus a week of follow up support via text or email and a detailed plan of care. Fill out the form below to send me your consult request! I'm only working virtually at this time.

Venmo, PayPal and Credit Card are accepted. I do not accept insurance but I can provide you with an invoice and superbill.

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breastfeeding and early parenting

At the heart of my work is lactation or infant feeding consultations. My passion is to help families find and meet their goals around nourishing their babies. We can meet on a private, secure server most any day of the week (breastfeeding doesn't wait for a Monday).

I've also begun offering sleep and parenting consults to provide resources and support through the tough transitions. I do not subscribe to one specific approach. My goal is guide you to determine the solutions or ideas best suited to your family.

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