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Meet Katie DaMota

Embracing Parenting is an extension of my work at The Nest in Northern California. It is my offering to parents who want to dive into the invitations that parenthood presents including parents who are working through infant feeding challenges. I've gained incredible experience over the years consulting with families and working to solve the challenge that arise with the complexity of infant feeding, infant sleep and early parenting and I'm excited to continue to get curious together with you.


I hold a master's degree in Maternal and Child Nutrition and Lactation from the University of California, Davis as well as held an international certification in lactation consulting for 15 years, ending in 2023. I also founded The Nest Family Resource and continue to enjoy expanding our team and services to provide family-centered care.

My extensive background in the fields of child development and women's health has allowed me to make a career of my passion for guiding parents to make healthy decisions for themselves and their children. My work seems even more essential today with the vast amount of choices available to new parents.

I'm raising my son Joaquin in the Sierra Nevada foothills. No matter how much experience I continue to gain, my son continually reminds me  to surrender, stay open-minded and to always ask the question, 'Why not?'

Meet Katie Now!

Learn more about me by tuning into our podcast: 

Baby Talk with Katie and David

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