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Virtual Classes

I'm fortunate to be a part of an amazing team of prenatal instructors at The Nest! We offer a comprehensive class list both virtual an in-person. It's tempting to take pre-recorded classes, however we have found that establishing community in pregnancy and the first years is essential and we all love getting to know you individually and celebrating the birth of your baby. I hope you'll join us!

Link to each class below for booking information. You're also welcome to reach out to me directly for additional information or to register for a class.

Always included:

  • Reminder Email

  • Virtual Class Link

  • Follow up Email with Additional Resources

  • Time for Questions and Conversation

  • Safe, Judgement Free Community


Newborn Care, Feeding and Early Parenting

Jan - March - May

2 hr class  $50

Image by Harry Grout

Starting Solid Foods

Babyled Weaning, Food Readiness, First Foods, Weaning Planning

Jan - April

1 hr class   $35

Breast/Chest Feeding, Bottle Feeding, Nutrition and Planning

Jan - March - May

2 hr class $50

Sleepy Baby

All About Infant Sleep

Biologically Expected Sleep, Safe Sleep, Tools + Resources

May - Oct

2 hr class   $45

Newborn Refresh, Sibling Preparation, Postpartum planning

March - August

1.5 hr class   $50

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