Mother and Baby on Floor

Parenting Support

 Parenting can be rewarding, joyous, stressful, difficult and amazing - all at the same time. Having a parenting community provides support while you navigate  the transformation and growth that begins in pregnancy.

One thing is for sure, there is no room for perfection or control. Our children will constantly push for change and seek connection through it all.


Embracing Parenting at The Nest is a weekly series of ongoing, bite-sized parenting classes for parents from birth through the first 3 years. We talk endlessly about the benefits of responsive, respectful parenting and the barriers that may arise. Through the intimacy we create in our community, we find vulnerability to be able to share, listen and support one another. There is nothing off the table from changes in our bodies, being touched out and cultivating intimacy to melting down with toddlers to understanding biologically normal infant development and managing the invisible load of parenting. If you're seeking community, reach out to me for an invite to join us for a free trial. 


To dive deeper, one-on-one, Embracing Parenting Consults offer a more personal opportunity to sift through the harder moment and create a step-by-step care plan for your family. Meet me online and let's get curious together so you can parent with confidence. All Nest Subscribers receive a 15% discount on consults. 

Common calls: sibling preparation and distress or regressions, sleep support (not from the perspective of the current sleep consultant models - we talk about what feels best for you and the steps to achieve your goals),  big transitions and how to create routine and better expectations, gassy babies and tired parents, support for big emotions in the toddler years and surprising responses to parenthood or postpartum.