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Mother Baby Bonding

Parenting + Feeding Support

My passion is to help families find and meet their goals around nourishing their babies and parenting from a heart-centered, confident place. With over 16 years of experience working through the complexities of infant feeding, I'm confident I can help you find comfort and assurance in feeding your new baby. I offer prenatal, postnatal, weaning, early parenting, and sleep support.

prenatal, postnatal, weaning, parenting, sleep

The majority of my care is offered virtually - with confidence! For families living in Nevada County looking for in-person care, I will do my best to find a time to meet you, or I will offer a hybrid, in-home consult in collaboration with Ashlee Wilkin, who can provide hands-on help. I now see clients in El Dorado, Amador, and Sacramento counties.

Every consult comes with patient-centered, comprehensive support, complete with a detailed care plan plus a week of follow-up support via text and email. Your success is my goal, and your partnership is essential. Parents are the experts on their babies. My job is to provide support and guidance that feels aligned.


provide support and guidance that feels aligned

Many of my clients continue with my support through the Embracing Parenting Village. These weekly parenting groups provide ongoing opportunities to receive support from fellow parents navigating the same experiences and my mentorship. Visit Groups to learn more, or join the free entry-stage group The Fourth Trimester through my partnership with The Nest Family Resource. 

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an investment in your parenting journey

 In most cases, it takes time to implement care plans and notice new questions that arise as growth and success happen. Most consults include a plan to work together for at least a week, sometimes up to 6 weeks. All fees include the agreed-upon care plan.

Prenatal Consult

We can discuss previous breastfeeding or postpartum experiences, concerns and questions. You'll receive a roadmap for the first weeks with baby(ies), text/email support for 1 week and 15% off a postpartum visit. 


Comprehensive Care

Some feeding concerns require more in-depth care: tongue-tie, low milk production, low weight gain, disorganized or inefficient suck patterns, preterm babies, and multiples. This care option includes two visits at a minimum plus ongoing text/email support over 4-6 weeks.

virtual and/or in-home hybrid

Single Postpartum Consult

A single visit is appropriate for acute care, such as: nipple care, position and latch, weaning and infections like mastitis or thrush. Includes 2 weeks of follow-up care via text/email. This may also be appropriate if you're seeking a second opinion about an ongoing concern.

$150 virtual
$250-350 in-home
(Sacramento, Amador, El Dorado, Placer Counties)

Follow-Up & Phone Consults

Shorter session like follow up calls outside of our care window or phone only consults are available most days of the week. Note: this visit does not include any additional follow-up or plan of care. 


Infant Sleep + Early Parenting

Parenting challenges in the first 3 year can be very overwhelming and sometimes frustrating. Let's discover what is developmentally appropriate for your baby/child and tune into some strategies that are aligned with your parenting values. We can talk about bed sharing, co-sleeping, night weaning, independent sleep, naps and any other aspects of early parenting. Another way to connect on these topics is in our weekly parenting groups

Virtual Only

Weekly Parenting Support from Birth to Preschool Ages

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