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Heart-centered, Holistic Parenting & Lactation Care

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Parenting begins well before babies arrive. Our life experiences shape our parenting language, perspectives, opinions and expectations and I believe that parenting is a series of ongoing invitations to continue to grow alongside our children. My classes, circles and consults are designed to provide family-centered, supportive guidance utilizing curiosity and grace as the most important elements.

Prenatal consults and classes create opportunities to set realistic expectations. It also gives us an opportunity to connect and build trust prior to meeting after birth. Postnatal consults include continued follow-up care and referrals to a host of other trusted care providers. Consults are available through weaning, night weaning, solid foods and  also include the complexities of infant sleep.

Ongoing, weekly gatherings are an affordable option from pregnancy through toddler parenting. Enjoy a community of parents co-creating a trusted circle for listening, sharing and celebrating. The fourth trimester gathering is always free because everyone deserves to feel supported in postpartum without any financial barriers.

About Me

I've gained incredible experience over the years consulting with families and working to solve the challenge that arise with the complexity of infant feeding, sleep concerns and early parenting. My extensive background in the fields of child development and women's health has allowed me to make a career of my passion for guiding parents to make healthy decisions for themselves and their children. It seems even more essential today with the vast amount of choices available to new parents.

I'm raising my son Joaquin in the Sierra Nevada foothills. No matter how much experience I continue to gain, my son continually reminds me  to surrender, stay open-minded and to always ask the question 'why not?'


I hold a master's degree in Maternal and Child Nutrition and Lactation from the University of California, Davis as well as an international certification in lactation consulting (IBCLC). I also founded The Nest Family Resource and continue to enjoy expanding our team and services to provide family centered care.

Learn more about me at Baby Talk with Katie and David

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Milk Memos



"Katie has a talent for supporting new families. Working with her has been a life saver, she has given us the gift of knowing we can feed our son no matter what." 

Lonnie's mom in Oakland

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